I am a theoretical astrophysicist and my work generally involves some combination of "pen and paper" calculations, numerical simulations, code development, and data analysis. I have benefited greatly from my involvement in numerous collaborations and enjoy working with both observers and theorists.

Brief summaries of various research areas can be found below. More detailed descriptions can be found by clicking on the links. The easiest way to get a chronological ordering of what I have been doing as a function of time is to examine my publication list.

Radiation Hydrodynamics The development of a new radiation module for the Athena astrophysical MHD code and its application to a number of problems where the detailed modeling of radiation transfer is essential.

Magnetorotational Turbulence The evolution of the magnetorotational instability in local simulations of accretion disks, with a particular focus on studying how the turbulence changes when the simulations include vertical gravity and allow for density stratification.

Accretion Disks: Theory and Models The study accretion flows onto black holes with models of their dynamics and emission.

X-ray Binaries and Ultraluminous X-ray Sources The application of spectral models, particularly BHSPEC, to a number of black hole X-ray binaries and ultraluminous X-ray sources, with an emphasis on the measurement of the black hole mass and spin.

Active Galactic Nuclei The spectral modeling of many types of active galactic nuclei, including quasars and lower luminosity Seyfert galaxies to better understand the origin of their continuum emission.

Magnetar Polarization The development of spectral models to make predictions of magnetar polarization for future X-ray missions. The hard X-ray polarization constrains properties of the magnetar magnetosphere and provides an important test of the magnetar model.

Star Formation Feedback The study of the role radiation and cosmic rays produced by young stars may play in driving large scale winds and preventing the formation of more stars in rapidly star-forming environments.

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