Charles Manson and The Family


The core of Charles Manson's philosophy was a racial Armageddon. He preached that the black man would rise up and start killing members of the white establishment and turn the cities into an inferno of racial revenge. The blacks would win this war, but would not be able to hang onto the power he seized because of innate inferiority.

During his time, the thought of an impending racial war was not to be discarded entirely. However, the idea that it was his responsibily to trigger and overcome this Armageddon is what separated Manson's thinking from that of others. In 1968, when he was forcasting this racial war the Beatles realeased their White Album, which contained the song "Helter Skelter." The lyrics spoke to Manson's theory and now the racial Armageddon had a name: Helter Skelter.

Helter Skelter would begin when Manson's Family committed some super-atrocious crimes against whites in Bel-Air and Beverly Hills in a way that would make everyone think they were committed by blacks. These were intended to enrage the white establishment until there was open revolution in the streets. Then the black man would win the war, assuming the white man's karma. He would then be the establishment.

Charles Manson and the Family would survive the holocaust by hiding in the desert, safe from the turmoil. He believed that the "bottomless pit" mentioned in the Book of Revelations was a cave underneath Death Valley. There they would find a city of gold--a paradise where his chosen Family would wait out the apocalypse. Meanwhile, they would multiply to 144,000, a number he drew from Revelations, and return to the surface to rule the world over their black servants.

Despite his obviously racists motivations, Manson saw himself as the second coming of Christ. The Beatles were the four hoursemenwho came as prophets of this war of all wars. The links below delve deeper into Manson, The Family, and the connections they drew to the apocalyse.

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