Except for "The Bear," which Faulkner wrote after he'd already been working on Go Down, Moses, all the "chapters" in this novel began as "stories" written originally to sell to magazines. And even a section of "The Bear" was taken from a story published in Harper's Magazine almost eight years before the novel was published. The story was called "Lion," Harper's published it in December, 1935, and the boy in the original story was Quentin Compson.

    "The Fire and the Hearth" (with its 3 numbered sections) was revised from 3 different stories: "A Point of Law," published in Collier's for 22 June 1940; "Gold Is Not Always," The Atlantic Magazine for November 1940; a story originally called "An Absolution," later renamed "Apotheosis," but never bought by any of the magazines Faulkner's agent submitted it to. "Pantaloon in Black" appeared in Harper's in October 1940. In the previous month's issue (September, 1940) Harper's printed "The Old People." Faulkner almost always needed money, but he was very anxious to sell a story when he sent an abridged version of "The Bear" to The Saturday Evening Post, which published it in May 1942. "Delta Autumn" appeared in Story Magazine, May 1942. The story "Go Down, Moses" appeared in Collier's, 25 January 1941.

"Was" was never bought by any magazine, though is was offered to several. As a story it was originally called "Almost," and narrated by a 9-year-old boy named Bayard — no last name is mentioned, but we know from The Unvanquished that Bayard Sartoris would have been 9 years old in 1859, the year "Was" is set in.

Harper's, The Atlantic and Story did not illustrated Faulkner's stories, but Collier's and The Post did. To see those pictures, click on the links below.

"A Point of Law" — Section 1 of "The Fire and the Hearth" — in Collier's, 22 June 1940;
Illustrated by William Meade Prince
PAGE 20   |   PAGE 21
"Go Down, Moses": in Collier's, 25 January 1941; Illustrated by George Howe
"The Bear": The Saturday Evening Post, 9 May 1942; Illustrated by Edward Shenton
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