Welcome to Ricky Patterson’s homepage   

I am a Research Librarian for Science and Engineering and work in Brown Science and Engineering Library (in Clark Hall) with Research Data Services at the University of Virginia Library.

I also serve as the caretaker and historian for Leander McCormick Observatory, located on Mount Jefferson, and take the official weather observations for Charlottesville at the COOP weather station at the observatory.

In addition, I have been a Lecturer in the Department of Astronomy. I have taught ASTR 1210 (Introduction to the Sky and Solar System) and ASTR 1230 (Introduction to Astronomical Observation).

Previously, I was a Senior Scientist in the Astronomy Department. I can be reached at

   Brown SEL
   P.O. Box 400124
   University of Virginia
   Charlottesville,VA 22904-4124

Weather Underground PWS KVACHARL8
Artwork by Russell Kightley