Emergence, Computation, and Reality

University of Virginia

March 6-8 2009


Charlottesville, Virginia will be the site for the first Models and Simulations conference in North America, following the successful MS1 in Paris and MS2 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. This is an international conference and those outside North America are encouraged to attend. The focus of the conference is on the philosophical and methodological aspects of simulations and models, broadly construed, and papers on any aspect of these topics are welcome from both philosophers and scientists. In addition to papers directly addressing simulations or models, MS3 welcomes submissions on such topics as representations, artificial life, complexity theory, logic, agent based modeling, the truth status of models, the relations between theories, simulations, and models, neural nets, and other topics. Initial submissions are in the form of a 1000 word abstract and all submissions are refereed.


Call for papers

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Financial support for the conference has been provided by the office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia and the John Templeton Foundation.



The deadline for submitting papers for consideration in the MS3 Proceedings is June 20 2009

Models and Simulations 4 will be held in Toronto, Canada. Dates TBA