Office Gilmer B011
Office phone 434-982-4729
Lab Gilmer B019
Lab phone 4751 or 4746
          I am a professor of psychology with broad interests in auditory, visual, and cross-modal perception, psychology of art, and philosophy of mind (view CV here). You may think of me as a neo-Gestalt psychologist who uses tools of cognitive science experiments using human observers, mathematical analysis of patterns, and a mathematical modeling of data to solve some of the enduring puzzles of perceptual organization. I teach in the cognitive area of UVa's Psychology Department, which has an excellent group of researchers in perception (see Denny Proffitt's, Rachel Keen's, and Steve Boker's homepages). I look forward to bright and hard-working graduate and undergraduate students, from the U.S. and abroad, joining the outstanding group of people without whom my lab would not be the wonderful and productive environment it is.