Professor Kent Paschke

Experimental Electroweak and Nuclear Physics

I am a Professor of Physics at University of Virginia, with an active research program at JLab in Newport News, Virginia.

My research focuses on the measurement of parity violation in electron scattering for the study of the structure of nucleons and nuclei and as a sensitive search for physics beyond the Standard model of electroweak physics. I recently ran a series of experiments in both Halls A and C at JLab, studying strange quarks in nuclei, nuclear structure in a 208Pb nucleus, and the electroweak coupling of the nucleons. I have assembled a laboratory at the University of Virginia to support these experiments, and in particular to continue research on the laser optics used in the Jefferson Lab polarized electron source and to study laser systems used for Compton polarimetry.

Teaching: Physics 1110 Energy on This World, and Elsewhere... (UVaCollab)

Undergraduate Research Opportunities: I am looking for creative and talented undergraduate research assistants to contribute to my program of sub-atomic physics studies. Several hardware and software/computing projects are presently available. Email me, or just drop by my office, to discuss the options, including the possibility of summer employment in physics research.

Graduate Research Opportunities: I expect to support an additional graduate student research associate starting in the summer of 2019, with opportunities for thesis research on new experiments at the upgraded 12 GeV Jefferson Lab. Please feel free to contact me, or just drop by my office, to discuss opportunities for graduate research in nuclear physics at Jefferson Lab.


  • CREX will begin its measurement of the neutron skin of Ca-48 in November of 2019, completing in March of 2020.

  • PREX-2 successfully completed its experimental run over the summer of 2019. Analysis is underway!

  • Caryn Palatchi successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation (February 2019). She has moved to Newport News as postdoctoral research assistant.

  • Results from our first collaboration at the Mainz Microtron, measuring the beam-normal single spin asymmetry, have been published. (2018).

  • The results from the Qweak experiment, ruling out some models of Beyond Standard Model physics to mass scales of 27 TeV, have been published in Nature (2018).