Mozart and Queen Charlotte

Mozart at age 7

7-Year-Old Mozart (1763). Portrait ascribed to Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni.

"As a young mother, [Queen Charlotte] extended her liberality to the eight-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when he and his family visited England in 1764. A favourite story recalls that in Vienna, during an earlier tour, the little boy slipped on the polished floor at the palace of Schönbrunn and was picked up by the Archduchess Marie Antoinette, later Queen of France. Equally attractive is the view of the gifted child seating himself at the organ and accompanying Queen Charlotte in an aria, especially as in the opinion of the Duchess of Northumberland the Queen had "a very pleasing voice, & compass of it ...." Mozart's Opus 3, six sonatas composed and published that year, was dedicated to her."

Excerpt from Olwen Hedley, Queen Charlotte. London, 1975. p. 88.

For the eight-year-old Mozart's dedication of his Opus 3 to the Queen, click here.
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