BIOL 3090 - Biology of Infectious Disease



This course focuses on the impact of infectious disease on the biology of plants, animals and humans at the individual and population levels. Emphasis is placed on unifying principles of transmission modes, resistance mechanisms, and population consequences. The course covers the following subjects: the history of the study of disease; examples of pathogens of humans, crops, and wild populations; pathogen life histories; transmission modes; physiological and genetic basis of pathogenicity and host resistance; the evolution of resistance and virulence; population dynamics of disease; disease and the origin of genetic systems; disease and conservation; molecular phylogeny and epidemiology of disease.


Evolutionary Biology Laboratory

This site is a collation of laboratory exercises in evolution which was developed as part of an NSF funded project in course and curriculum development.


Other Courses:

BIOL 5370 - Evolution and Epidemiology of Infectious Disease (graduate and advanced undergraduate)

BIOL 3860 - Strategy Across the Disciplines (interdisciplinary course taught with the Business School)