Some Papers

Ramenofsky, Ann F., Fraser D. Neiman, and Christopher D. Peirce
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Neiman, Fraser D.
2010 Conspicuous consumption as wasteful social advertising: A Darwinian perspective on spatial patterns in Classic Maya terminal monument dates. In Evolutionary Ecology and Archaeology: Applications to Problems in Human Evolution and Prehistory , edited by Jack M. Broughton, Michael D. Cannon, pp. 409-429. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City. Orginally published in Rediscovering Darwin: Evolutionary Theory in Archaeological Explanation , edited by G. Clarke and M. Barton. Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association 7:267-290, 1997.

Neiman, Fraser D.
2008 The lost world of Monticello: an evolutionary perspective Journal of Anthropological Research 64 (2):161-193.

Smith, Karen Y. and Fraser D. Neiman
2007 Frequency seriation, correspondence analysis, and Woodland-Period ceramic assemblage variation in the Deep South. Southeastern Archaeology 26 (1):47-72. The data for this paper are here.