The Color and Form of Mexico

the photography of

John Spence Weir

All the photographs and texts are copyrighted

"Passion" is a word that I use when thinking about art and is the personal drive that compels my interest in photography.

In my chronologically long involvement with Mexico, from 1958, when I went to Chihuahua to lay my mother to rest, to the present, I find my sensitivities have evolved towards a passion for the color and iconography that I feel is particularly Mexican.

While photographing in Extremadura, Spain in 1985, 1 was struck by the lack of color and realized that "Indianismo" was mainly responsible for the coloration of the man-made landscape in Mexico.

In 1988 1 put aside black and white, and began photographing in color while trying to retain a sense of the mythology of space and surreal qualities that typifies my earlier and ongoing work. I continue with this personal passion and involvement that has gained new stimulation for the photography I call "El Color y Forma de Mexico" (The Color and Form of Mexico).

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