While Waiting

Photographs by Frank Cancian

All the photographs and texts are copyrighted

These pictures were taken while I waited - during times when I was early or someone else was late or times when public transport or professional people were behind schedule. The project began a few years ago, when the demands of my job made it hard to find blocks of time for photography. I decided to work with whatever presented itself while waiting; I documented what I saw during those minutes, sometimes those hours.

My path is probably as unique as yours, and as totally common as anyone's. Doctors and dentists, along with their labs and hygienists, provided interesting, ample waits. My wife and my friends provided many different occasions to photograph, but they were pretty much on time. Some airlines made major contributions to my portfolio.

WHILE WAITING FOR an airplane:

WHILE WAITING FOR health care:

WHILE WAITING FOR mcdonald's to open:

a friend my wife an elevator the church of
st. francis of assisi
to open

After retiring from my job, I found I could increase opportunities by arriving a little early. I also learned that arriving too early defeated my purpose. Somehow the threat of having to stop at an arbitrary moment dictated by the "real" purpose of my presence gave my work a lightness - a lightness that left me whenever I deliberately created a long wait.

The results make me wonder about how I selected my subjects, and also about how another person in those situations might have completed the same project.

The people whose faces are shown in these pictures agreed to be photographed.
March 2001

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