Don J. Rude

      I am currently a doctoral candidate in Systems Engineering. Previously I was working in various fields of the IT industry and hold a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science from Frostburg State University (a UMD school) and a Masters of Science in Systems Engineering from UVA. My resume/CV is here for the curious.

My school: The University of Virginia home page
My department: The University of Virginia Department of Systems Engineering
My adviser: Dr. Peter Beling
UVa > SIE > Human-Computer Interaction
The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society :: HFES Student Chapter at UVa
IEEE: Systems, Man, & Cybernetics Society
Research info online:

Selected publications:
Masters Thesis (2009): Impact of increased spatio-temporal radar data resolution on forecaster wind assessments, warnings, and confidence

Archival Journals:
Rude, D.J., Bass, E.J., Philips, B. (2012) Quantifying the Impact of Adding Gap Filling Radar Data on Forecaster Wind Assessments, Warnings, and Confidence. Meteorological Applications, 19(3), 355.370. doi:10.1002/met.269

Brotzge, J., Hondl, K., Philips, B., Lemon, L., Bass, E., Rude, D., Andra, D. (2010). Evaluation of Distributed Collaborative Adaptive Sensing for Detection of Low-Level Circulations and Implications for Severe Weather Warning Operations. Weather and Forecasting, 25(1), 173-189.

Peer Reviewed Conference Publications:
Rude, D.J., Bass, E.J., Philips, B. (2009) Impact of Increased Spatio-Temporal Radar Data Resolution on Forecaster Wind Assessments. Presented at the 2009 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics., San Antonio, TX. (Received "Best Student Paper Award".)

Rude, D.J., Bass, E., Philips (2009). CASA's Impact on Radar-Based Wind Assessments. American Meteorological Society, Fourth Symposium on Policy and Socio.Economic Research, January 12.

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