I am currently a Ph.D candidate in the Quantitative Psychology program at the University of Virginia. I've been working with Dr. Steve Boker in the Human Dynamics Laboratory. I also work with Dr. John Nesselroade in intraindividual variability. Before coming to UVA, I received my bachelor degrees in psychology and economics, and a master in applied psychology from Peking University.

My research focuses on intraindividual variability and dynamical systems analysis. My substantive interests are health, regulatory behaviors and gender family issues.


Dynamical Systems Analysis:

  1. Dynamical systems analysis on ordinal data : This is my dissertation project. Date measured on an ordinal scale are accommodated into dynamic systems analysis.
  2. Coupled and moderated dynamical systems: This is my predissertation project. Latent differential equations are used to describe linear dynamical systems. Coupled systems, systems with moderators, and time-varing systems are of particular interests.
  3. The degree of smoothing in dynamical systems analysis: Generalized local linear approximation can be used to estimate derivatives in time series. My work helps decide the degree of smoothing in the time series.
  4. Estimating standard error in dynamical systems analysis: The assumptions of independent and normality are violated in dynamic systems analysis, and therefore the estimation of standard error is biased. My method of using permutation tests to estimate standard error is able to tolerate assumption violations.

Intraindividual Variability:

  1. Idiographic Filter: This idea origined from John Nesselroade, which looks into the individual variablity in factor structure, and the invariability in higher order latent constructions.
  2. Individual reliability of PANAS: Our point of view is that psychological tests and scales are not measuring people equally well. There are individual differences in test psychometric characteristics.

Health, Regulation, Family and Gender Studies:

  1. Transition of Sexuality from adolescence to young adulthood: Current evidences showed that sexuality is not consistant. We are interested in the pattern of change of sexuality occuring from adolescence to young adulthood.
  2. Dynamic mechansim of eating Regulations: Binge eating is a prevalent diagnostic among yong women. This study aims to find the dynamical interaction between the fluctuation of binge eating behavior and the periodical oscillation of ovulatory hormone.
  3. The role of family relationship in help-receiving situations : This research focuses on the emotion of gratitude and indebtedness in help-receiving situations. The role of interpersonal relationship and culture implications are highlighted.
  4. Proactive and preventive coping with stress : We are interested in the discrimination between proactive coping and preventive coping, and their distinct roles in freshmen adjustment and job hunting among college students.
  5. Development the Resilience Scales for Chinese Adolescents: Resilience is defined as individuals' healthy and constructive adjustment after they have experienced serious, traumatic, or catastrophic events. We developed a resilience scale for Chinese adolescents with the point of view that reslience is a coping process.


Statistical Consultant
Office Hour: Millmont 208, made by appointment via yh5te@virginia.edu
2012, Department of Psychology @ University of Virginia, Charlottesville
2012, Anxiety, Cognition, and Treatment Lab @ University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Workshop Instructor
2010, Dynamical system analysis @ Michigan State University, East Lansing

Course Instructor
2012, PSYC7720 Quantitative Method II Lab @ University of Virginia, Charlottesville
2011, PSYC7710 Quantitative Method I Lab @ University of Virginia, Charlottesville
2008, Psychological Statistics @ Peking University, Beijing
2006, Environmental Psychology @ Beijing City University, Beijing

Course TA
2012, PSYC7720 Quantitative Method II @ University of Virginia, Charlottesville
2011, PSYC7710 Quantitative Method I @ University of Virginia, Charlottesville
2008, Advanced Statistics @ Peking University, Beijing
2007, Psychological Statistics @ Peking University, Beijing


Current collabrators:
Steve Boker (my primary advisor), University of Virginia
John Nesselroade (my secondary advisor), University of Virginia
Kelly Klump (eating project PI), Michigan State University
Bethany Teachman (stat consulting lab), University of Virginia
Angela Staples (coauthor), University of Virginia
Monica Erbacher (coauthor), University of Virginia
Yishan Xu (coauthor), University of Virginia
Samantha Tornello (coauthor), University of Virginia
Michael Neale (coauthor), Virginia Commonwealth University
Fidan Gasimova (coauthor), Ulm University (German)
Yuyin Wang (coauthor), Sun Yat-Sen University (China)

Other collabrators:
Timo von Oertzen, Eric Turkheimer, Michael Kubovy, Karen Schmidt,
Yiqun Gan, Yujie (Jessie) Zhan, Yunhui Huang.

Jeffrey Spies, Geneva Dodson, Daniel Martin, Bommae Kim, Joshua Pritikin.