Gordon Whyburn Professor                                                                                                    

  Office: 323 Kerchof Hall                                                                    

  Email: ww9c at virginia dot edu                                                                     

  Phone: 434-924-7905      

  Office hours:  online over zoom, M2-3, W11:30-1

 Teaching Fall 2020. Math 4040, Discrete Mathematics, TR 11-12:15, online via zoom                                           


  My research interests include: Representation Theory of Lie superalgebras, Hecke algebras, and quantum groups; Connections to Algebraic Combinatorics and Algebraic Geometry.  Here is a list of my Papers and Books.


 I have been at UVA since 2001; see CVHere is the link to Algebra Seminar (Wednesdays or Fridays 3:30)   


 My PhD students (and their dissertations):                  

 Current:       Weinan Zhang                    

 Graduated [14]:  Dave Taylor (2007), Jill Tysse (2008), Ta Khongsap (2009), Lei Zhao (2010), Jinkui Wan (2010), Yung-Ning Peng (2012), Constance Baltera (2013), Sean Clark (2014), Huanchen Bao (2015, winner of 2020 Chevalley Prize), Chun-Ju Lai (2016), Mike Reeks (2018), Chris Leonard (2019), Thomas Sales (2020), Chris Chung (2020)


 I am on the Editorial Board of International Mathematics Research Notices (IMRN), the Editorial board of Research of Mathematical Sciences (RMSB), and Editorial Board of Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics Academia Sinica (N.S)


 Here you may find a list of  Conferences and Workshops, mostly in representation theory.  I have Research Collaborators.