William R. Johnson

     Georgia S. Bankard Professor of Economics

        University of Virginia







email: wjohnson at virginia dot edu

phone:  (434) 924-3251
fax:       (434) 982-2904
U.S. mail and UVA messenger mail address:  P.O. Box 400182,  Charlottesville, VA  22904-4182
Fedex and private delivery:  Department of Economics, Room 237, Monroe Hall, 248 McCormick Rd.,   Charlottesville, VA 22903

Office:  Room 232, Monroe Hall


Editor: Papers and Proceedings of the American Economic Association

Senior Associate Editor:  Southern Economic Journal


Past-President:  Southern Economic Association



My Vita


Recent Research Papers (downloadable as PDF files)


Black –White Differences 

·         Evaluating a Simple Model for Estimating Black-White Gaps in Median Wages (with D. Neal and Y. Kitamura), AER, May 2000

·         Basic Skills and the Black-White Earnings Gap (with Derek Neal)  In C. Jencks and M. Phillips, The Black-White Test Score Gap

Higher Education

·         Parties or Problem Sets: Review Article on How College Works and Paying for the Party (Journal of Economic Literature, March 2017)

·         Are Public Subsidies to Higher Education Regressive ? (Education Finance and Policy, Summer 2006)

·         Equity vs. Efficiency in Subsidies to Higher Education

·         Faculty without Students:  Resource Allocation in Higher Education (with Sarah Turner) Journal of Economic Perspectives, Spring, 2009

Other Labor Topics

·         Fixed Costs and Hours Constraints, JHR, Fall 2011

·         House Prices and Female Labor Force Participation (JUE, 2014)

Intellectual Property

·         Creative Pricing in Markets for Intellectual Property (Review of Economic Research on Copyright Issues, vol 2(1), 2005)

·         The Economics of Ideas and the Ideas of Economists (presidential address to the Southern Economic Association), published in the Southern Economic Journal, July 2006)

Op Ed Pieces:

·         "A Steadier State for Hiring in Colleges" (Chronicle of Higher Education, June 6, 2003)

·         "Lawn of Averages" (Washington Post, March 9, 2003)


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