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KING Download

The latest release is KING version 2.0.9. Here is the precompiled binary for Linux 64 bit system Linux-king209.tar.gz, and here is the source code KINGcode209.tar.gz. Multi-core parallelization is better implemented in version 2.0.9 than previous versions.

The current stable release is KING version 2.0. Older versions are available here. If you would like to use KING please e-mail Dr. Chen at wmchen AT virginia DOT edu

Precompiled Binaries

Linux-king.tar.gz   For GNU/LINUX 64 bit systems
Mac-king.tar.gz     For Mac Workstations (Mac-king-single-thread.gz for Mac users without OpenMP support)
Ubuntu-king.tar.gz  For Ubuntu 32 bit systems

Use "tar -xzvf Linux-king.tar.gz" to unzip compressed executable files.

Source Code

Here is the source code in C++: KINGcode.tar.gz. If your platform is not included here, you are welcome to download the source code and compile in command line:

c++ -lm -lz -O2 -fopenmp -o king *.cpp

A GWAS Dataset As an Example

The example dataset used in the KING tutorial can be downloaded here: ex.tar.gz [1.35MB]. This file includes 332 HapMap samples (165 CEU and 167 YRI samples), each genotyped at 18,290 SNPs.


If you find KING helpful, please cite

Manichaikul A, Mychaleckyj JC, Rich SS, Daly K, Sale M, Chen WM (2010) Robust relationship inference in genome-wide association studies. Bioinformatics 26(22):2867-2873 [Abstract] [PDF]

Last updated: August 8, 2017 by Wei-Min Chen


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