Slava Krushkal

Department of Mathematics
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4137

office: 321 Kerchof Hall
phone: (434) 924-4949


Research interests:


Low-dimensional geometry

Topology of 4-manifolds

Quantum topology







Math Circle


Geometry seminar

Topology seminar

Math Colloquium

Slides of some recent talks:

Engel relations and 4-manifolds (2015)

Geometric complexity of embeddings (2014)

Categorification, localization,
and picture TQFTs

The A-B slice problem (2011)

Topological arbiters (2011)

Tutte chromatic identities from
the Temperley-Lieb algebra

Some recent and upcoming events:

Mid-Atlantic Topology Conference 2015 (UVa)

The 11th Hamilton Geometry and Topology Workshop

Lecture series and workshop on Geometric group theory (UVa)

Knots in Washington

Banff workshop on smooth and topological 4-manifolds

Advances in Quantum and Low-dimensional Topology

Virginia Topology Conference 2016