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coastal"...coastal resilience must become the primary design and planning principle to guide all future development and all future infrastructure decisions." More...

greenurbcover"...from the extensive European experience, examining the progress and policies of twenty-five of the most innovative cities in eleven European countries..."More...

nativecover"...[drawing from] communities across North America and Europe to offer a practical examination of the concepts of place and place-building in contemporary life." More...

nativecover "...the first of its kind in which ethical dimensions of land use are both stated and encouraged..." More...

Curriculum Vitae

Tim Beatley

Teresa Heinz Professor of Sustainable Communities
Department of Urban and Environmental Planning
School of Architecture
University of Virginia

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  • CV (.pdf)

  • Education

    Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    City and Regional Planning
    May 1986
    Master of Arts University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Political Science
    December 1984
    Master of Urban Planning University of Oregon March 1981
    Bachelor of City Planning University of Virginia May 1979
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    Biophilic Cities, Washington DC: Island Press, Forthcoming, fall, 2010.
    Planning for Coastal Resilience: Best Practices for Calamitous Times, Washington, DC: Island Press, July, 2009. More...
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    Catastrophic Coastal Storms: Development Management and Hazard Mitigation, Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1989, with David R. Godschalk and David J. Brower, 275 pp.

    Articles and Book Chapters

    since 2007

    “Biophilic Urbanism: Inviting Nature Back Into Our Communities and Into Our Lives,” William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review, Vol. 34, Issue 1, fall, 2009, pp. 209-238.
    “Green Communities and the Redefining of Community Wealth,” in Susan Piedmont-Pelladino and Timothy Mennel, eds., Green Community, Planners Press, American Planning Association, 2009.
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    “Local Food System Develops Resiliency in Charlottesville,” Urban Agriculture Magazine, June 2009, with Erika Herz, Andrea Larson, and Gordon Walker.
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    “Circular Urban Metabolism in Stockholm,” in Worldwatch Institute, State of the World, 2007, Washington, DC: Worldwatch Institute, p.19, 2007

    Research Activities - Funded Work


    “Adaptive Systems-Based Prioritization of Bridge Infrastructure Maintenance: Integrated Modeling of Technical, Socio-Economic, and Normative Dimensions,” National Science Foundation, two years , $553,000, Co-Principal Investigator (Jacov Haimes, Principal Investigator), 2010-2011.
    “Planning for Coastal Resiliency,” NOAA’s Coastal Services Center, $20,000, 2006-2008.
    “Smart Growth in the Coastal Zone,” Virginia Marine Sea Grant Consortium, August 2003-December, 2004-2005; $20,000.
    USEM Summer Research Grant, Summer 2002, Provosts Office, “Designing Multigenerational Communities“.
    “Mitigating Natural Disasters in Virginia,” Principal Investigator, Virginia Department of Emergency Management, June 2000-June 2003, $212, 582.
    “Global-Local Earth Dialogue,” Project Director, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, June, 2002, $5000.
    Member, Panel on Social Consequences of Natural Disasters, Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment, January 2001-present (will be co-author of final study report).
    Grant from the German Marshall Fund ($70,000), to promote the ideas in Green Urbanism; Grant to publisher; developed a series of panel discussions, inviting European planners involved in Green Urbanism project to the U.S. Panels organized for: Transportation Research Board national meeting, American Planning Association national Meeting, and ULI Smart growth national conference, 1999-2000.
    USEM Summer Research Grant, Summer 1999, Provost’s Office grant to research and develop Ecological Citizenship course.
    "Assessing Planning and Implementation of Hazards Mitigation Under the Stafford Act," National Science Foundation, $245,286, (co-principal investigator, sub-contract to Beatley, $22,946), 8/94-97 (Final report published as a book: Natural Hazard Mitigation, Island Press, 1999).
    "Sustainable European Cities," Lincoln Institute for Land Policy, Cambridge, MA, $6400, Summer, 1996.
    "Ethical Issues in Natural Hazards Management," National Science Foundation, $71,789, principal investigator, 9/93-2/96.
    "Balancing Public and Private Interests in the Coastal Zone," Virginia Sea Grant program (in collaboration with North Carolina and South Carolina Sea Grant programs), $1950, 6/92-12/92.
    "Evaluating the Effectiveness of the S.C. Beachfront Management Act following Hurricane Hugo," National Science Foundation, $27,940, principal investigator 3/90-7/92.
    "Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Forest Ecosystems" U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, $710,169, (three year project) co-principal investigator (with H. Shugart and T. Smith) 9/89-3/92.

    Interviews and Press Coverage

    "The Top 100 Urban Thinkers," Planetizen, September 2009. More...
    “Advocate of Livable Cities Sees the Big, Detailed Picture,” The Houston Chronicle, February 2009. More...
    “Worldchanging Interview: Peter Newman and Timothy Beatley,” World Changing, February 2009. More...
    “At the Urban Frontier of Environmental Change,” Explorations, Research Highlights from the University of Virginia, September 2006. More...
    “Life in the Generic Lane - Talking place with Timothy Beatley,” Terrain, Spring 2006. More...

    Professional Service

    Have reviewed many research proposals for: National Science Foundation, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Florida Sea Grant, Texas Sea Grant, N.C. Sea Grant, National Coastal Resources Research and Development Institute, Southern Regional Climate Center, among others.
    Have reviewed articles and manuscripts for: Journal of the American Planning Association, Journal of Planning Education and Research, Journal of Politics, Policy Sciences, Environmental Management, Coastal Management, Journal of Planning Literature, BioScience, Sage, Island Press, among others.
    Editorial Board, Journal of Landscape and Urban Planning, 1998-2002.
    Editorial Board, Journal of Planning Education and Research, 1995-1999
    Editorial Board, Journal of Planning Literature, 1990-1998.
    Editorial Board, Journal of the American Planning Association, 1995-2000; 2005-present.
    Editorial Board, disP: The Planning Review, Zurich, 2005-present.
    Editorial Board, The International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics, Springer, 2004-present.
    National Steering Committee, Ecological Cities Project, U-Mass, 2000-present.
    Member, Panel on Social Consequences of Natural Disasters, Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment, January 2001-present.
    Technical Advisory Committee, Eco-City Cleveland, 2000-present.
    Advisory Board, UVa Institute for Practical Ethics, 2000-present.