Course Objectives
The aim of this course is to teach you concepts and understanding of the physical world. Doing problem solving is an important part of this course, and your grade will depend on your ability to understand concepts and to solve problems. An understanding of the material is crucial to your ability to solve problems, as is the acquisition of a set of skills about problem solving. The lecture videos are oriented towards helping you understand the concepts. We will perform many demonstrations during the lecture videos, and there are separate problem-solving videos to help you learn how to solve problems.

Read each reading assignment as given in the syllabus before watching a lecture video and again as soon as possible after the lecture. At the beginning of each lecture there is a short Reading Quiz based on that day's reading ssignment.Watching the lecture videos and seeing demonstrations is an important way for you to understand the material. Doing the assigned homework problems is a useful way to acquire problem-solving skills.

Homework Assignments

We are using WebAssign for the homework, and you must submit your answers on WebAssign. There will be a homework assignment during every week during which we have class. Because the numbers in the problems are randomized, you must log on to WebAssign with your login and password and obtain your personal assignment for the week. Please note each week how many submissions you are allowed. Your last submission is the one graded. Note that you must finish by the posted time on the due date. There are no exceptions to this. We can not accept late homework with WebAssign. If for any reason (like sickness, for example), you decide to ask for a homework time extension, no extension will ever be given if you have looked at the answer key on WebAssign. Your request for an extension must be presented to the professor before the assignment due date. The problems will be available on WebAssign, and the responses will be given on WebAssign. Note that all homework assignments are generally from end of chapter problems in the textbook, but not always.


  1. Homework is due when posted on WebAssign. No extra credit or makeup assignments will be given. Keep up! Any request for an extension must be made before the due date, not after.

  2. No makeup exams will be given. Missed exams receive a grade of zero unless an excuse for missing the exam is given to and accepted by the professor before the exam. Email is the normal method of request and approval. Normally when an exam is excused, the remaining exams will be averaged. Students should not depend on this happening.

  3. Collaboration on homework problems: The normal method of collaboration is by using the Discussion board on Collab. Questions are asked about problem issues. Students and/or faculty may answer. The faculty will normally answer all questions within 24 hours, so please do not start on the homework the night before it is due. We encourge students to answer questions, but do not give too much information. Normally, we give hints, not complete solutions. Please do not expect anyone to go through your math to find your mistake. It is very difficult, and no learning is accomplish by finding your math errors. Our experience has been that it is valuable for you to work the homework problems by yourself before seeking help. The homework answer that you submit to WebAssign must be your own that you calculate. It is an honor violation for you to copy another person's solution.

  4. You are responsible for all assigned material in the syllabus, whether it is presented in the lecture video or not. You are also responsible for knowing the problem assignments and their due dates. Announcements of changes in the schedule are generally made by email.

Course Rules and Regulations:

It is important for students to be aware of these rules and regulations which may change throughout the course. Changes may be announced in class or by email, and we will try to post all changes on the website. Students are responsible for keeping up with the Course Rules and Regulations as stated on the website.
  1. Illness (as an excuse) must always be established in writing. Email is sufficient.

  2. If you do not turn in an assignment (including homework) on time or miss an exam for any reason, you will receive a grade of zero, unless you have prearranged approval by your professor. Email is the normal way to contact the Instructor..