Welcome to Oishi Lab!

Our lab explores a variety of issues related to culture, social ecology, and well-being broadly defined. The globe is our laboratory! (as Ed Diener and Mark Suh say)

Representative Research Projects

1. What is a Happy Society? (e.g., economic equality, economic growth, progressive taxation, low corruption, walkability?)

2. The Culture and Psychology of Residential Mobility (e.g., why are mega-churches so popular in some states but not in others? why are national chain stores so dominant in certain states? what are adaptive social networking strategies in a mobile vs. stable environment? what are the psychological consequences of repeated childhood moves?)

3. The Psychology of Indebtedness: Links between Psychological Indebtedness and Financial Indebtedness (e.g., Why are so many Americans inancially indebted? What happens when you feel deeply indebted toward someone? Does a sense of indebtedness reduce willingness to take up loans?)

4. Personality and Geography (e.g., Do mountains make people introverted? or Do introverted people choose to live in mountaious areas?)

5. Social mobility: What are the ecological factors that facilitate upward social mobility? (e.g., Why do some cities such as San Jose and Salt Lake City have higher social mobilities than others?)

Current Graduate Students

Thomas Talhelm (talhelmt@gmail.com): culture, social cognition

Hyewon Choi (hc5ae@virginia.edu): culture and well-being

Casey Eggleston (cm5hv@virginia.edu): residential mobility, close relationships, career choice (Wilson Lab)

Brandon Ng (bwn7zb@virginia.edu): cultural neuroscience (Morris Lab)

Jordan Axt(jra3ee@virginia.edu): social ecology, race (Trawalter/Nosek Labs)

Kelly Hoffman (khoffman@virginia.edu): social ecology, SES, gender, race (Trawalter/Nosek Labs)

Liz Gilbert (eag4yx@virginia.edu): culture and cognition (Spellman Lab)

Erin Westgate (ecw4za@virginia.edu): thinking, stereotypes (Wilson/Nosek Labs)

Charlie Ebersole(cebersole@virginia.edu): social ecology, ingroup loyalty (Nosek Lab)

Jane Tucker (jvt4rf@virginia.edu): morality, culture (Converse/Wilson Labs)

Nick Buttrick (nrb8pv@virginia.edu): decision making and judgments (Wilson Lab)

Former Lab Members

Matt Motyl (Ph.D. 2014): Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago

Felicity Miao (Ph.D. 2013). San Jose, CA.

Jesse Graham (Ph.D., 2010): Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Southern California

Selin Kesebir (Ph.D., 2010): Assistant Professor, London Business School

Patrick Seder (Ph.D., 2010): Lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of Virginia

Kate Ranganath (Ph. D. 2009): Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Florida

Minkyung Koo (Ph.D., 2009): Assistant Professor, School of Business, University of Illinois

Erin Whitchurch (Ph.D., 2009): FBI

Janetta Lun (Ph. D., 2007): A post-doctoral fellow, University of Maryland

Jaime Kurtz (Ph. D., 2007): Associate Professor of Psychology, James Madison University

Jungwon Hahn (Ph.D. 2003): Assistant Professor of Psychology, Merrimack College (culture, aging, emotion)

Mike Steger (Ph.D. 2004): Associate Professor, Colorado State University (meaning in life)

Helen Sullivan (Ph.D. 2005): Social Science Analysit, Food and Drug Administration (approach vs. avoidance goal and well-being)

Former Undergraduate Students

Sarah Lyons: Ph. D. student in social-organizational psychology at University of Maryland

Elizabeth Salmon: Ph.D. student in social-organizational psychology at University of Maryland

Dana Roth: Ph.D. student in social psychology at University of Massachusetts

Margarita Krochick: Ph.D. student in social psychology at New York University

Takeshi Hamamura: Assistant Professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Emiko Yoshida: Ph.D. student in social psychology at University of Waterloo