Wellcome to Oishi Well-Being Lab!

Our lab explores a variety of issues related to culture and well-being broadly defined. The globe is our laboratory! (as Ed Diener and Mark Suh say)

Research Projects

Felt Understanding and Misunderstanding Across Culture (supported by NIMH R01 grant for 2003-2009)

Culture, Age, and the Well-Being of Retirees (supported by Maxnet Aging grant for 2006-2008)

The Concept of Happiness: Historical and Cultural Variation

Project Residential Mobility (residential mobility, the self, social relationships, and well-being)

Current Graduate Students

Felicity Miao (fmiao@virginia.edu): culture, friendship, reflection, well-being

Thomas Talhelm (talhelmt@gmail.com): culture, social cognition

Min Ha Lee (mhl5b@virginia.edu): culture, cognition, regret

Casey Eggleston (cm5hv@virginia.edu): residential mobility, close relationships, career choice

Brandon Ng (bwn7zb@virginia.edu): cultural neuroscience

Former Graduate Students

Jesse Graham (Ph.D., 2010): Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Southern California

Selin Kesebir (Ph.D., 2010): Assistant Professor, London Business School

Patrick Seder (Ph.D., 2010): Lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of Virginia

Kate Ranganath (Ph. D. 2009): Assistant Professor, Tilburg University, the Netherlands

Minkyung Koo (Ph.D., 2009): Assistant Professor, School of Business, University of Illinois

Erin Whitchurch (Ph.D., 2009): FBI

Janetta Lun (Ph. D., 2007): A post-doctoral fellow, University of Maryland

Jaime Kurtz (Ph. D., 2007): Assistant Professor of Psychology, James Madison University

Jungwon Hahn (Ph.D. 2003): Assistant Professor of Psychology, Merrimack College (culture, aging, emotion)

Mike Steger (Ph.D. 2004): Associate Professor, Colorado State University (meaning in life)

Helen Sullivan (Ph.D. 2005): Social Science Analysit, Food and Drug Administration (approach vs. avoidance goal and well-being)

Former Undergraduate Students

Sarah Lyons: Ph. D. student in social-organizational psychology at University of Maryland

Elizabeth Salmon: Ph.D. student in social-organizational psychology at University of Maryland

Dana Roth: Ph.D. student in social psychology at University of Massachusetts

Margarita Krochick: Ph.D. student in social psychology at New York University

Takeshi Hamamura: Assistant Professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Emiko Yoshida: Ph.D. student in social psychology at University of Waterloo