Virginia, Charlottesville, and UVa

In January of 2007 I joined the faculty at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. This is the University that Thomas Jefferson founded and built while he watched from his home at Monticello on a hill overlooking the town. Here I am director of the Quantitative Psychology Area and housed in the Virginia Institute of Aging.

The pages are organized by themes, walks, and trips I've taken while in Virginia.

Boars Head and Ednam Forest

For the first year and a half I lived in Ednam Forest, a area just outside of town and behind the Boar's Head Inn. This area was spectacular in the dawn as I drove in to work around dawn each morning.

Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge Mountains are really just foothills. You may be able to tell I grew up in Colorado. But they are spectacular. Here are some images from various walking trips.

The University of Virginia

There are many beautiful places around the grounds of the University of Virginia. The architecture follows the classic style that Jefferson pioneered. Some of these photos are from the Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk day in August of 2008.

The Foxfield Races

There are races in the spring and the fall of each year, featuring steeplechase events on a lovely setting west of Charlottesville. These images are from the spring races in April of 2008.

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Steven M. Boker

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