The Grounds of the University of Virginia

In August of 2008 I participated in the Worldwide Photowalk. One group of about 35 people walked the University of Virginia grounds.

I started out just before dawn. Here is the amphitheater and a mix of older and newer buildings. This was taken handheld in the predawn gloom.

This is the view up one of the colonnaded walkways on the central grounds just before dawn. The twilight is coming in from the right and the incandescent light from the faculty club on the left.

This shot was handheld and bracketed over 5 stops, then reassembled as a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo using Photomatix.

Chairs are set up under the portico of the UVa rotunda. This is "move in day" for the university and the chairs are part of an induction and welcoming ceremony for new students.

There are nearly 200 years of paint on the columns of the colonnade walk.

Shooting into the front room of the faculty club you can see reflected The Lawn, the central quad of the university. The faculty club pavilion is the first building of the University and the cornerstone plaque of UVa is just outside the frame of this photo.

A peaceful place to sit where the contrails in the sky mirror the geometry of the architecture.

This is Brown's College on the campus. It is built around James Monroe's house, which predates the University.

A surplus pediment from a column is used as a garden decoration in the front yard of the Monroe House.

A tiny sprout grows from an ancient tree with the Brown's College building in the background.

The classic style is very much in evidence. Tip: don't tell people to meet you by the red brick building with the white trim. That would be all of them.

The ornate portico of the rotunda.

Jefferson designed the university as an Academical Village. There were 12 pavilions where faculty lived arranged in two rows facing each other. In between each house were dorm rooms that opened onto a covered walk. And it still is that way today. Faculty live in the pavilions and students in the dorm rooms. The dorm rooms open directly to the outside, have only a wood fireplace for heat and no indoor plumbing. Students compete for the right to live in them. Between the pavilions is a raised walkway so that when faculty visit each other they don't need to mix with the students.

Generations of masons continue to repoint the 19th century brick and stone work.

The nondenominational chapel at the University is dim and mainly lit by stained glass windows. This is a 7 stop bracket HDR in order to capture the light of the stained glass as well as the colorful lighting it reflects on the wood.

Stone walls abound on the grounds since Charlottesville is quite hilly.

And here is the obligatory postcard shot of the rotunda.

(c) Copyright 2008

Steven M. Boker

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