Boar's Head and Ednam Forest

For a little over a year I lived in an area near Charlottesville called Ednam Forest. The light at dawn and sunset was magical there.

This is the house where we lived. We occupied a walk-out basement apartment.

Moody light one morning on the drive into Charlottesville.

Sometimes the sunrise was breathtaking. The mist is from the Rivanna River

Yes, we drove in at sunrise most mornings.

Just before Christmas at Boar's Head, a goose glided on waters reflecting the golden leaves on the trees.

I stopped the car and ran to catch this dawn shot over the back lake at Boar's Head. This is a 5 stop High Dynamic Range shot: 5 shots at different shutter speeds combined to catch both the area in shadow and the colorful but very bright sky.

The icy air and the water create mist in the winter.

One evening I took the tripod and camera and hiked down to Boar's Head lake and set up to catch the sunset.

I lucked out.

It was spectacular and I kept thinking it was over when another color would appear.

One morning on the way to work I had to slam on the brakes and lean out and catch this magical light.

Beauty can be just outside your front door. I was set up with a 70-200 lens on a tripod for a telephoto shot when this dragonfly alit right in front of the lens. I refocused and shot.

Speaking of beauty just outside your front door, this horned toad kept asking to come in.

Cars came by only once every 5 minutes or so. But they tended to speed by the house pretty fast.

Dawn from right outside our front door.

(c) Copyright 2007, 2008

Steven M. Boker

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