Tokyo and the RIKEN Institute

For two months this spring I am a Visiting Scientist teaching a class at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Tokyo. This is one of the RIKEN Institutes in Japan. Others have to do with Physics and Chemistry. Here I am working with the group that studies perceptual dynamics.

The pages are organized by walks and trips I've taken while in Japan.

O-hanami in the Imperial Gardens

Each spring the cherry blossoms bloom and the residents of Japan go out walking and viewing the blossoms. Picnics under cherry trees are another part of this tradition. This walk is through the Imperial Palace Gardens on the east and north side of the Palace Grounds at the height of the cherry blossom viewing season.

Ueno Park

One of the largest parks in Tokyo is in the Ueno section. This is where the Tokyo Zoo and several of the national museums are located. The cherry blossoms are still out for this weekend walk.


East of Ueno station is an area called Asakusa. This is one of the older parts of Tokyo and has some of the best known landmark sights.


The busiest transportation hub in the world of any type is Shinjuku train station. On a typical day some 3 million people arrive or depart. But within a few blocks is one of the prettiest traditional Japanese gardens in Tokyo.

Yorii and the Foothills

Tokyo is so crowded, sometimes you need to get away. I took the local train away from Tokyo as far as the commuter line went. I found myself in Yorii, a pretty town in the foothills northeast of Mount Fuji.

Around the Institute

Some scenes from around the RIKEN Institute and my little apartment. I've added new pictures here for those following along at home.

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Steven M. Boker

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