Around the Institute

Come to lovely, sunny central Europe in the spring and leave snowy South Bend behind! Today we have another couple of inches of the white stuff. It's looking a lot like Christmas to me.

Here is the guesthouse where I'm staying. The apartment is the middle one on the top floor. Last night it snowed and there is still a little bit of the white stuff on the ground at noon, but it's melting fast.

This is the office space and computer that has been assigned. My office mate and I sit back to back. This is "my side of the room".

Here you see the back of the Institute building in which I am working. This view is from the balconey of the room in which I am staying. It's a long walk to work in the morning, but I guess I can manage.

Here is another view from the balcony. The room overlooks a small grassy quad with curving cobblestone paths and a fish pond. It is quiet and peaceful.

Here is the living room of the small, spartan apartment that has been assigned. It's clean and neat, but I doubt that anyone would call it "homey". However, it is light and convenient if a bit spare.

Here is the room from the other direction which shows the nice little balcony for taking coffee in the morning.

It's a tiny kitchen, but I'm not planning on giving any parties.