Brussels, Belgium

This is a sculpture in the governmental section of Brussels

This little guy was contemplating the botanic gardens

A guardian of the gardens.

The interior gardens were closed for the day when we walked through, so we didn't get a chance to see inside.

Bees are busy as bureaucrats in Brussels.

We are still in the Botanic Gardens.

This tree seemed to embody the word "gnarled".

We took the train to the Atomium, a giant sculpture/building that was just renovated and reopened.

Gravity, you have no sway here.

From inside the sculpture, you realize how huge the thing really is.

The interior kept me thinking that I was on the set of 2001 A Space Odyssey.

At times it seemed we were orbiting the earth.

Or maybe Saturn.

Outside in the walking gardens, the foliage was lush. This tree and its symbiotes were thriving.

These two "railroad chairs" were fascinating. Talk about nowhere to go and plenty of time to get there.

The day was perfect, calm and alternately warm and cool as the sun played peek-a-boo in the clouds.

We stayed in the famous Hotel Metropol, which has been recently renovated to its gilded age glory. This was the sitting room off the lobby, where a jazz pianist played for the cocktail hour. So civilized.