Bruges, Belgium

Bruge is a very old city that was well preserved and overlooked for centuries when its canal link to the sea was silted in.

Many houses face out on the street on one side and onto canals on the back.

We took a canal tour and the guide pointed this out as where William of Orange was under house arrest.

One house had odd little statuary. A sailor and newspaper boy, I can understand, but Marilyn Monroe and Laurel and Hardy? A mystery.

This was an interesting international display of wooden shoes. It is also pointed at the canal and invisible from the streets.

This woman is posing at the door of the Nunnery. I doubt she is planning on joining.

A lion from one of the town squares. We saw a production of Aida in this square the next night.

Farther back into the residential areas and away from the tourists, things were much more peaceful.

We visited some churches, which had remarkable wood carving details

A king and his wife rest in this church.

One little guy was being taken for a stroll by his proud owners... in a stroller.

I was taken by the mood of this antique toy shop. Not only the toys themselves, but the building was from another age.

Bruges is known for its fantastic wrought iron work. It was on display everywhere.

There is a large canal circling the city and windmills in a ring within the canal.

From the windmill hill you can see some of the skyline.

A study in geometry.

I didn't notice the benches for almost a day. Then they were everywhere I looked.

Party time!

Some of the canals still have hand operated draw bridges.

A view from the drawbridge.

Did you notice the railings in the previous picture? All along the canals, little lions, or are they dogs?

This person seems like he has his life really organized just so. Immediately after this shot, he came out the door and rode away on the bicycle.

The last day we were there, I arose at 5 am to take some photos with the D3. It's not for nothing that they call this camera "The Lord of Darkness".

These are all hand held. And it is way before dawn.

This one I braced on a railing. Still no tripod in sight.

Again, no tripod. I've taken this type of motion blur photo before, but always with a tripod.

The bus has left.

This is more like what I'm used to getting at this time of day. This photo was taken after the others above, so it is actually lighter. But I'm shooting into the dawn, and hence the silhouette

People are starting to arrive for work now. In two hours, this street will be packed with tourists.

We stayed at a little hotel called The Swan. This is the canal just outside the front door of the hotel.