Train Trip from Berlin to Prague

I started the journey at the new Hauptbahnhof in the center of Berlin. The high speed trains are on the lowest level of the station.

There is plenty of graffiti to view on the bridges in Berlin.

The train stopped in Dresden. It had been several years since I'd visited. But I stayed on the train.

In the Elbe valley there were combinations of old an new, historical and green architecture.

In Czech Republic the dark skies contrasted with the cheerful settings.

I was drawn to this town on a hill. I don't know which town it is.

In Prague, the historical museum is right by the main train tracks.

This rusty switch engine is resting. And the engineer appears to be asleep in the cab.

A typical street view in the old section of Prague.

The famous Vaclavske Nam, a broad avenue with the museum at my back in this shot.

A view from the other end of Vaclavske Nam. I was staying in a hotel just out of sight on the right of this view.