Berlin Above and Below

At the northern end of Museum Island the tour boats frequently turn around. A few years ago I took a one of the canal tours and it is certainly worth it.

We started our tour on the Potsdammer Platz were we took the express elevator to the top of the brick building in the center of this photo.

From the top there was a magnificent view of the city. In this photo you can see the holocaust memorial in the center of the photo (the broad expanse of granite stones) and the Brandenburg Gate to the left (with the green roof and horses on top).

We next took a ride into the former East Berlin. This building is a famous artists' cooperative.

We visited a cellar that was originally a beer cellar for a local brewery in the 19th century, but then was used by the Nazis to assemble V2 rockets.

The cellar/bunker was extensive.

Tagging is still very prominent in the former East, although it has declined in the former West.

The tags and murals provide a colorful backdrop.

We walked for a mile or two in the east. This Saturday street market was just closing down and a few lilies remained unsold.

The fall colors provided a serene accompaniment for a romantic walk for this couple.

Even the Berliner Bear was sporting fall colors.

We ended our walk at this former brewery which is now a restaurant.