Berlin in the Summer of 2007

Outside my apartment window at night the traffic never stopped.

The obelisk in the Tiergarten is an iconic site. In 2008, this is where Obama spoke.

The Tiergarten has miles of well tended paths.

I sat to rest this Sunday morning in the Tiergarten at a formal garden that was very peaceful.

On museum island, the Pergamon is being renovated.

On one side of museum island is a walk that always has a street fair.

This statue is from the bridge to museum island and the Dom.

Just a little south of museum island is a wonderful colonnade.

Colorful pedicabs ferry tourists about.

This statue appeared to be contemplating the music of the street saxophonist.

This statue is from the small park at Rudesheimer Platz near where I was staying.

She was gazing longingly at the man and his horse at the center of the fountain.

Rudesheimer Platz U-Bahn station is decorated with contemporary murals.

This panorama of the station gives an idea of how many of the panels there are.

The U-Bahn trains stop at the station every seven minutes and then accelerate away.