MUSI 212 Web site use

(statistics from Fall 2002)

For those who are interested in how many times the web site was used during the Fall of 2002, here is a message from the ITC, dating from the day of the final exam (Dec. 10, 2002). As you can see, it pays to visit the web site early!

"You may be interested to know how many times the Deveaux/musi212 collection of music have been served over the past few days. These are the requests logged by the Real server on multimedia (not counted are any requests refused because the server had too many active streams).

138 August
6919 September
6497 October
16052 November
27941 December (through 3:50 pm today)

"Daily breakdown of December's counts, for the full 24 hours on the first nine days:

357 01/Dec/2002
310 02/Dec/2002
503 03/Dec/2002
533 04/Dec/2002
867 05/Dec/2002
431 06/Dec/2002
2507 07/Dec/2002
4409 08/Dec/2002
10211 09/Dec/2002


4936 midnight - noon
2517 12 - 1 pm
305 1 - 2 pm
4 2 - 3 pm (during the final exam)
51 3 - 3:50

"Things just got very very busy at the end of the semester. In just the last 40 hours, we had more requests than for the entire month of November."