Required for purchase (at Newcomb Hall Bookstore):

  • DeVeaux and Giddins, Jazz, 2nd ed., books and total access (Norton, 2015).
    Be sure to purchase the textbook package: inside the book is a code that provides total access to all musical examples.
    NOTE: This is the textbook edition (ISBN 978-0-393-93706-0), with a black and white cover (featuring a bass player, Percy Heath). The book is also available in a trade version (with the authors listed as Giddins and DeVeaux, not DeVeaux and Giddins). The trade version (ISBN 978-0-393-06861-0) is notable for its blue cover. While you can use the trade version, changes were made in adapting it for the general market (including removing photographs, study guides, etc.) we strongly recommend the textbook.

Available on-line:

Basic listening assignments can be found under "Assignments". A schedule for reading may be found at "Course Outline"
Articles assigned for reading will be available as pdf files on the Toolkit web site under "Resources"