You are expected to attend two jazz performances during the semester.

The "concert report" is a short writing assignment in which you are free to discuss any aspect of each performance that strikes you as interesting or noteworthy. Since all of you are "jazz novices," I expect the reports to be personal reactions rather than technical analyses. Don't just tell me what the band played and in what order; tell me what it was like for you.

Suitable concerts will be announced regularly in class and over the e-mail list. Other jazz performances, whether in local clubs (e.g., Miller's) or out of town may be used; check with Prof. DeVeaux or your TA when in doubt. Related genres (blues, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, world music) regretfully may not be used for this assignment.

An optional third concert report may be turned in for extra credit.


  • Length: at least 300 words; at most 1,000.

  • Reports should be submitted to your TA, in a method that your TA requires.


  • Full credit ("check") will be given to all reports turned in on time, meeting the above requirements, and written in acceptable prose.

  • Extra credit ("check-plus") will be given to particularly imaginative, thoughtful, well-expressed, or otherwise extraordinary reports.

  • Loss of credit ("check-minus") will be given to reports turned in late, inordinately sloppy, in substandard prose, in questionable taste, hand-written, or otherwise not meeting the above requirements.

  • No credit will be given to reports turned in after the final deadline (see below).


  • first report: Friday, March 2, 2018, 5 p.m.

  • second report (and optional third report): Monday, April 30, 2016