IV. Essay Question

For each examination, I will distribute the topic for the essay question. This may be a single question, or a choice between two questions.The question will normally be a general question, one that encompasses some of the major issues covered in class or discussion section.

For this portion of the examination, it is permitted to consult research materials--which may include class notes, books, articles, or Internet resources. If you do consult outside sources, you should cite the sources in-text with a brief identification, such as "(Giddins 1979, 56)." On a separate page, list these sources in more detail (standard bibliographical format). If the source comes from the course packet, please indicate the author and title (e.g., "Giddins, Satchmo, packet")

When writing the essay, please bear in mind the nature of the question. Read it carefully, and try to organize your essay in a way that answers it succinctly. Extra padding (information that is not relevant to the topic) will be counted against your grade.