Discussion Section Reading Assignments


The following are readings you should do for your weekly discussion sections, which meet on various times on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Each of the "Writing Assignments" will be a comparison/contrast between two jazz recordings, to be chosen by the class in consultation with the T.A. in advance. Other writing assignments may be added throughout the semester by your TA.



NOTE: prepare and submit three questions or observations drawn from each chapter before your discussion section!
Please also be prepared to discuss the articles listed below (under "Resources" on the web site).

January 18-23

No discussion sections this week

Read: Chapter 1, "Musical Elements and Instruments"
Chapter 2, "Jazz Form and Improvisation"

January 25-29

Read: Chapter 3: "Roots of Jazz"

Article (on web site, under "resources"):
Albert Murray, "Blues Music as Such" (from Stomping the Blues).

Feb. 1-5
Read: Chapter 4; "New Orleans"

Articles (on web site):
Frederick Turner, "A History of Hot" (from Remembering Song),
Luc Sante, "I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say" (from The Rose and the Briar)

begin writing "musical phrases" (vocabulary for describing music in prose)
Feburary 8-12

Read: Chapter 5, "Jazz in the 1920s: New York"

developing musical "arguments"

February 15-20

Read: Chapter 6, "Louis Armstrong and the First Great Soloists"

work on writing assignment
(Friday section only: review for Midterm I, February 19)

February 22-26

Read: Chapter 7, "Swing Bands"

work on writing assignment
Review for Midterm I, February 19

February 29-March 4
Read: Chapter 8, "Duke Ellington and Count Basie"

(on web site):
Richard Boyer, "The Hot Bach,"in The Duke Ellington Reader

March 14-18

Read Chapter 9, "Swing Era Soloists"
Chapter 10, "Rhythm in Transition"

Due this week (no later than Friday, March 18) in your discussion section (turned in to your TA or to their mailbox).
Length: 3-5 pages.


March 21-25

Read: Chapter 11, "Bebop"

Articles (on web site):
Ralph Ellison, "The Golden Age, Times Past," from Shadow and Act
DeVeaux, "Conversation with Howard McGhee," from The Black Perspective in Music

March 28-April 1

Read: Chapter 12, "The 1950s: Cool Jazz and Hard Bop"

(Friday section only: review for Midterm II, April 2)

April 4-8

Chapter 13, "Jazz Composition in the 1950s"

Article (on web site):
Lapham, "Monk: High Priest of Jazz"

review for Midterm II (2 April)

April 11-15

Read: Chapter 14: "The Modality of Miles Davis and John Coltrane"

(on web site):
Crouch: "Play the Right Thing"
Santoro: "Miles Davis: the Enabler"

work on second writing assignment

April 16-22

Read: Chapter 15, "The Jazz Avant-Garde"
Chapter 16: "Fusion I (to 1960) R & B, Singers, and Latin Jazz"

Article (on web site):
Haden, "Thirty Years of Free Jazz"

work on second writing assignment

April 23-27
Chapter 17: "Fusion II: Jazz, Rock, and Beyond"
Chapter 18: "Historicism: Jazz on Jazz"
Chapter 19: "Jazz Today"

Due this week in your discussion section
Length: 3-5 pages.