Prof. Scott DeVeaux

Office hours: TBA
208 Old Cabell

Spring 2018
schedule #19218

3 credits

Maury 209

Graduate Teaching Assistants:

General Outline:

The lectures will offer a Historical Survey, proceeding chronologically from the origins of jazz at the beginning of the century to the present. Emphasis will be placed on important performers (and associated stylistic schools) and their musical achievements. Social and cultural issues will be discussed wherever relevant.

The Discussion Sections will include a Listening Orientation, where we offer an introduction to basic musical concepts as well as the special listening skills needed for the study and appreciation of jazz.


  • Although some musical background is recommended, this course assumes no previous musical knowledge or experience.
  • This course satisfies the older College of Arts and Sciences Area Requirements for
    • "Fine Arts"
    • "Non-Western Perspectives."
  • Although this is a "history" of jazz, MUSI 2120 does not satisfy the CLAS History Requirement.
  • As a lower-division course, MUSI 2120 does not satisfy requirements for the major in music.