Daily Assignments:

The assignment for each week will consist of reading from the textbook, Jazz by DeVeaux and Giddins, as well as other occasional extra articles (found under Resources) to be used in your discussion section. On the day before the meeting of your discussion section, you must submit three questions by e-mail to your TA, who will use these questions to facilitate discussion in class. Please note that Chapters 1 and 2 will be covered in Discussion Section, not lecture!

Each chapter in Jazz is linked to audio assignments on the web site. The most important of the audio assignments are the seventy-five Featured Listening examples, for which you will find a detailed Listening Guide in the Textbook. (For an example of an audio file for "Black and Tan Fantasy," click here; for the corresponding guide, click here, or look in Chapter 5 of Jazz.) Other audio files will be labeled as Additional Listening, and will often have simpler guides, available on-line.

NOTE: All audio files are password protected. I will give you the proper password in class.

NOTE: The digital files on this course site are intended to be viewed or played by class members only. Any copying or distributing of these files is a violation of copyright law and an Honor offense.

Given the size of the class, and the finitude of web space, please do not expect to be able to do all of your listening within 24 hours of any examination!

Look for the course outline to see how the chapters are organized within the semester.