...the beginning of the end started in October of 1998... the Middle East Peace agreement, signed in 1993, will begin again in the fall of 1999...when the peace agreement begins anew, God will make the world a wasteland and the inhabitants will be scattered... by the middle of 2001, 80% of the earth's population will have been killed as a result of nuclear war...Yisrayl Hawkins will announce the Second Coming before being murdered by Satan...


    The House of Yahweh is believed by some to be a "doomsday cult".  Certain characteristics of the House of Yahweh fit into the standard, stereotypical characteritistics of a doomsdaycult, including:

    According to the indicators of a destructive cult, the House of Yahweh fits all but one, which concerns the degree of censorship present.

    A Comparison between David Koresh and Yisrayl Hawkins

            David Koresh                                            Yisrayl Hawkins
Name Change:  Vernon Howell to David Koresh Name Change:  Buffalo Bill to Yisrayl
Claimed to be the Lamb, Christ. God in the Flesh Claims authority and credentials of Christ
Paranoid Paranoid
His message is the only path to salvation His message is the only path to salvation
The Branch:  God's First Fruits HoY:  God's only true work
Leave the Branch=Leave God Leave HoY=Leave God
All other churches are Babylon All other churches are the Beast
He is prophesied in the Bible He is prophesied in the Bible
He is the Lamb of Revelation 5 He is the Witness of Revelation 11
Koresh will be slain by the Beast Hawkins will be slain by the Beast/Satan
All women belong to him Teaches and practices polygamy
Called by God in a dream Had dream he and his brother were the two witnesses of Rev. 11

    This page is our attempt to explain the House of Yahweh and their beliefs to the general public.