The four angels of Revelation were the Beatles, whom Manson considered leaders, spokesman, or prophets. The locusts from the bottomless pit and the Beatles were one and the same. "Their faces were as the faces of men yet had the of women." Another obvious reference to the musicians. Out of their mouths they issued fire and brimstone, being the spoken words, or lyrics of the songs. Their breastplates of fire were their elctric guitars. These may same like unbelievable connections but all these references were very real in Manson's mind when stood next to the lyrics of some songs.


He believed that Revelation 9 was happening now, not in the future and that the Beatles were spokesmen, that there music was prophetic. For example, in the song I WILL are the lines: "And when at last I find you/ Your song will fill the air/ Sing it out loud so I can hear you/ Make it easy to be near you…" Manson thought this meant the Beatles wanted him to make an album that would "blow the cork off the bottle. That would start it."


More of the bizarre connections include veiled references to aspects of Mansons apocalyptic theory. Susan Atkins was a member of the Family and Charles had renamed her "Sadie Mae Glutz" long before the White Album came out with the song "Sexy Sadie" The him, "Rocky Racoon" referred to the black man and to everyone but the Family "Happiness is a Warm Gun" had obvious sexual meaning. But to them it was telling the back man to get guns and fight.


But the five songs Manson and his followers played more than any others were: "Blackbird", "Piggies", "Revolution 1" "Revolution 9" and "Helter Skelter."


In Black bird, "Blackbird singing in the dead of night/ Take these broken wings and learn to fly/ All you life/ You were only waiting for this moment to arise," To Charles these lyrics were obviously instructing blacks that now is the time to ARISE, a word found written at the LaBianca murder scene.


Piggies refers to anyone in the establishment, and the words "death to pigs" were also found at the murder scene. At the end of the song there is the sound of pigs snorting wildly and the machine gun fire…like the slaughter of the white establishment.


Revolution 1 contains the lyrics, "You say you want a Revolution/ Well you know/ We all want to change the world…/ But when you talk about destruction/ Don't you know that you can count me out." But when you listen to the record itself, immediately after "out" you hear the word "in". Manson took this to mean the Beatles, once undecided, now favored the revolution.


Revolution 9 is easily the weirdest song on the album. There are no lyrics, nor any music but a montage of noises&emdash;whispers, shouts, classical music, explosions, babies crying, church hymns, car horns, football yells, and a soft voice repeating "Number 9, Number 9" It builds to a climax of machine gun fire and screaming followed by the softly spoken words "Good Night." According to Manson, this was the black-white revolution portrayed in sound and directly paralleled the fire and brimstone of Revelation 9.


"Helter Skelter" put all of the pieces together in a triumphant rock ballad. It begins, "When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide/ Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride…" Most people believe this a harmless reference to an amusement park ride in England. But to Charles it referred directly to the Family emerging from the bottomless pit to rule the world. Upon hearing the song, it seems fun, light hearted, and happy. To Manson it was an exaltation of himself and was anything but light-hearted. The words had special meaning for him as he saw himself as Jesus Christ and the eventual ruler of the new world.