Looking for "American Lit since 1865"

This game was inspired by Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? You play it by clicking on dates on timelines like the one above. For example, if the quest is for the year in which women were finally allowed to vote (the 19th Amendment), and you think the answer is 1920, then you'd click on 1915 and be right. NOTE: As in math, you should round up from five -- i.e. the closest date to 1920 is 1915, not 1925. If the answer were 1921, on the other hand, you'd click on 1925.

When you pick the right date, you'll see the answer, complete with picture, and you'll also get the next question in the fifteen-question sequence.

If you pick the wrong date, you'll get one of two responses. If you're close to the right date -- in this case, either 1905 or 1925 -- Willa Cather will always let you know that you're close. If you click on a date further away, you'll run into one of 12 different American writers, each associated with the date you chose, telling you that you haven't found what you're looking for, and you're not within ten years of it.

Some of the questions will be easy. Others may seem obscure. But I hope you won't get frustrated. If you'd like help, feel free to use the "CLUE" links next to each question. Keep looking, and see what you can remember or learn along the way about America between 1855 and 1965.