Index of Popular Entertainments

  1. (a) Poster for Aiken's Dramatization of Uncle Tom's Cabin (1859)
    (b) Cordelia Howard as Topsy (1850s)

  2. (a) Bryant's Minstrels Poster (1859)
    (b) Virginia Minstrels, Songbook Cover (1863)

  3. (a) Poster for Hazel Kirke (melodrama, 1870s)
    (b) Production of Evangeline (farce, 1880s)

  4. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

  5. Casino Theatre, Portland, Oregon (1890s)

  6. Keith's New Theatre, Boston (1894)

  7. The Grand Theatre, Buffalo, New York (early 1900s)

  8. (a) Al Jolson Putting on Blackface (ca. 1910)
    (b) Typical Vaudeville Scene (ca. 1915)

  9. Follies Revue, late 1910s

  10. Postcard for Colonial Movie Theatre
    Lexington, Kentucky (1911)

  11. Shea's Paramount-Publix Movie Theatre,
    Buffalo, New York (1920s)

  12. Rudolph Valentino (with Agnes Ayres)
    in the silent movie The Shiek (1921)

  13. Listening to Radio
    Advertisement, Late 1920s

  14. Freeman Gosden & Charles Correll in blackface
    as "Amos 'n' Andy" on radio

  15. Scene from Fort Apache
    directed by John Ford (1948)

  16. Watching TV
    Advertisement, Mid 1950s

  17. I Love Lucy TV Comedy (1950s)
    Lucille Ball (with William Holden)

  18. (a) Body painting at an Oregon rock concert
    (b) Jimi Hendrix in concert
    [Admittedly a nostalgic pair of choices. More legitimate, probably --
    a color tv image.]

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