Annamarie was born on March 26, 1998  in Bulgaria, and she lived in an orphanage almost from the time of her birth.  She was born with a cleft lip and palate, which have now been surgically repaired.  My wife and I adopted her on December 15, 1999.  She is a very emotionally expressive young lady, ready to cry or laugh at the slightest things.

Returning to America from Bulgaria, we had to spend the night in London.  Annamarie had been with us only a few days, but even in her crib in the hotel, she was laughing and giggling.

Annamarie is being held by my father-in-law, and is fascinated by the balloons at her birthday party. She was two years old.

This picture is slightly out of focus, but my wife and I both like it anyway, because it captures her spirit so well.

Annamarie playing in the subdivision's pool in
Summer 2002.  She has
caught up with other children physically, but has only
begun to talk.  
  Every morning when she
gets up, she tells us 
"wawa, ool,"
Annamarie-speak for
"water, pool."  In case
we don't understand, she brings us her swimsuit and
a swim diaper.
She loves the pool.

Annamarie rides the merry-go-round at the Magic Kingdom, summer 2004.
Annamarie at Typhoon Lagoon summer '04.
Annamarie goes for an early morning walk on the Boardwalk, Disney World, summer '04.

Annamarie, here eight years old, meets her new cousin Ford at Christmas in 2006

Annamarie in Puerto Rico, December 2006.

January 2008, on vacation in Waikiki.

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