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I am a recent PhD graduate of the Department of
Social Psychology
at the University of Virginia. Broadly speaking,
my research interests center around group dynamics, ethics, and leadership. With Dr. Brian Nosek I've been looking at the role
that implicit cognitions play in facilitating group-focused
behavior and self-sacrifice. With Dr. Jonathan Haidt I've been investigating how leaders can activate "hive psychology" and
create environments that foster ethical behavior (Check out my work on

Prior to coming to UVA, I attended the University of Richmond
where I graduated in Spring 2009 with an Honors Degree in Psychology and Cognitive Science and minors in Leadership Studies and WGSS. During my time at Richmond, I was also a student of The Jepson School of Leadership Studies where I worked for three years with Dr. Crystal Hoyt and Dr. Don Forsyth.

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Department of Psychology, 102 Gilmer Hall, Room 013
P.O. Box #400400, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4400
Email: rsf4ah AT virginia DOT edu