LightingDesignSource is a resource for lighting design students at the University of Virginia. Some resources, such as the lighting glossary and list of bibliographical sources may be generally useful to all students in lighting. Other information may be more specific to course work within the graduate and undergraduate lighting curricula, or individual ongoing research projects. Internet visitors are invited to make use of any information accessible from this site. If you are browsing from outside the University you may encounter access restrictions to certain information. Access is usually only blocked to documents referencing private material or objects for which copyright issues have not been resolved. Please see copyright information page

Available Resources:

Lighting TechNotes: Random notes about cue writing and other stuff.

Bibliography of Lighting Resources: An accumulation of resources on a variety of lighting subjects including stage lighting, film/television lighting, and concert lighting. The bibliography is indexed by author and includes subject headings for browser searches.

Glossary of performance lighting terms: Glossary of common lighting terms.

Quotes: A list of quotes from all disciplines about light, darkness, art, vision, and sight.

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