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       Art of Rock Concert Lighting

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Showcase » Psychedelic Lighting Workshop 1997 » Objectives

Psychedelic Lighting Workshop Project Objectives

Group 1: Liquid Light Show
    Create a liquid light show based on the liquid oil/over-head projector technique developed in the late 60's. Do some research (or ask your hippie relatives) to discover the best materials and techniques to try. Come to your set-up time prepared with this knowledge and materials to experiment with. Present your light show (with a brief history or explanation) and allow the rest of the class to play.
    Materials the Dept. has available: overhead projector, some glassware

Group 2: Psychedelic (UV) Lighting Effects
    Create a visual environment with ultra-violet light and fluorescent objects that demonstrates this essential element of psychedlia prevalent from the late 60's all the way into the 90's rave scene. Do some basic research to understand the UV process and collect some psychedelic materials. Come to your set-up time prepared with this knowledge and materials to play with. Create your environment in class, present a brief explanation of the technology and/or history of this lighting effect, and allow the class to play.
    Materials the Dept. has available: many 40 watt UV light sources, some high quality fluorescent (scenic) paint

Group 3: Multi-color/Pattern lighting effects
    Create a visual environment that explores the use and combination of colored/patterned light sources (an essential element to any love-in). Do a little research into theatrical use of color and pattern (gobos) and some basic color theory of light. Come  to your work session prepared with ideas about what types of images you would like to try to create and any materials you would like to experiment with. Create your environment in class and explain the basics about how pattern and color projection can be achieved with standard theatrical lighting equipment. Allow the class to play with different colors and patterns.
    Materials the Dept. has available: misc. theatrical lighting equipment, small portable dimmer, huge selection of color media, patterns (gobos) and some color effect equipment.

Group 4: Symbols of 60's lighting
    Create a lighting environment with lighting elements such as strobe lighting, mirror balls, lava lamps, or others you discover. Do some basic research into the origin or history of use of these effects in the late 60's. Come to your work session with ideas about how these effects work and how you will explore their use in the space. Present your environment along with any history or information about these symbols of 60's lighting. Allow the class to play with these lighting elements.
    Materials the Dept. has available: 2 strobe-lights, color filters, 2 mirror balls, 1 mirror-ball motor, small pinspots

Group 5: Music, Environment, and LSD
    It will be your responsibility to provide period music, insense, snacks, beads, posters, or other material to help complete our psychedelic experience (no LSD please). Do some basic research into the other visual/audio elements of places such as the Filmore in San Francisco, Monterey Pop Festival, etc. Present these elements along with your research and an overview of the relationship of psychedelic drugs to the rest of the psychedelic experience.
    Materials the Dept. has available: doorway beads, some period music on CD, CD player/stereo, some period video material you may chose to view or present