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       Art of Rock Concert Lighting

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Bibliography » Touring Technology - Load-in and Personnel

Video segments from these sources were used as part of a power point presentation on the load-in process and tour personnel.

Def Leppard, "Prologue/Setup."In the Round, In Your Face, 1887. DVD. Mercury/Universal: 2002.

This short, mostly time-lapse sequence depicts the major elements of the load-in and rigging for the hugely successful Hysteria Tour. There are also shots of a scale set model complete with working miniature PAR cans.

Metallica, "Bonus Stuff: J.B & the Lights" Cunning Stunts, DVD. Elektra Entertainment Group, 2002.

Short interview with Lighting Designer John Broderick and Studio Color Programmer Ben Richards about their work and the lighting for the Metallica 1997 World Tour.

Metallica, "Bonus Stuff: Dan Braun and Production" Cunning Stunts, DVD. Elektra Entertainment Group, 2002.

Interview with Production Manager Dan Braun and others about the organization and technical elements for the Metallica 1997 world tour.

Rock Star. Concert setup with director commentary. (2001) Dir. Stephen Herek. DVD. Warner Home Video 2002.

Time-lapse clip of the setup for of the concert set used in the film "Rock Star." Includes director commentary.

U2, "Extra Feature: Road Movie" Elevation, DVD. Interscope Records, 2001.

Time-lapse clip of the load-in, performance, and load-out of the U2 Elation tour stop in Boston in 2001.

NSYNC, Making the Tour, DVD. MTV Video, 2000.

Excerpts from an MTV documentary about the NSYNC tour. Includes introductions of various design and technical elements.

U2, Vertigo, "Extra feature: Documentary" DVD. Interscope Records. 2005. (excerpts)

Documentary about the U2 Vertigo Tour. Includes interviews with production and design personnel including designer Willie Williams.

Peter Gabriel. "Time-lapse film of the stage set up in Berlin, Germany"Secret World Live. (1994) DVD. Interscope Records. 2003.

Time-lapse film of the load-in, set-up, performance, and load-out of the Peter Gabriel Secret World Live Tour.

Road Rules "Episode 14: Open for VanHalen" MTV: 1995.

Contains images from the load-in of the Van Halen Balance Tour in Fort Wayne Indiana at the Allen County Memorial Coliseum on 18 April 1995.