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       Art of Rock Concert Lighting

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These sources were referenced as part of a discussion on elements of concert lighting.

Coldplay, Speed of Sound, Music Video. Capital Records, 2005.

This music video (not a live video) is an example of the use of LED-based light sources as an illumination source as well as image (almost video-like) creating surfaces.|

Director: Mark Romanek
Production Designer: Mike Keelink (Project X)
Lighting Supplier: Element Labs (VersaTube LED lights)

more info:
info about the MBox control system used to control the VersaTube LED units

Madonna, Drowned World Tour, "Drowned World/Substitute/Impressive Instant”, DVD. Warner Reprise Video, 2001. (length 9:58)

This excerpt from the Drowned World DVD is a good example of a conventional approach to the beginning of a concert where the crowd is warmed up and attention is brought to the stage--ultimately fixed on Madonna. Also demonstrates a number of aspects of motion in light and a range of moving light, video, and stage automation technologies.

Madonna Drowned World Tour 2001

Lighting Design: Peter Morse
Lighting Director/Programmer: Arnold Serame
Lighting Programmer: David Arch
Supplier: Light & Sound Design/Fourth Phase Varilite Inc.

more info:
(includes personnel list and equipment list)

Metallica, "Intro/So What." Cunning Stunts, DVD. Elektra Entertainment Group, 2002.

The introduction and first song of this concert was presented under general arena lighting (like would be used for a basketball game) and provides an excellent comparison of a live concert without "concert lighting."

Metallica 1997 World Tour
Austin, Texas 05-09 & 05-10 1997

Lighting Design: John Broderick
Lighting Programmer: Ben Richards
Lighting Crew Chief: Ian Cameron
Supplier: The Obie Co.

more info:
(includes tour personnel and equipment list)

NSYNC, Making the Tour, "Bye Bye Bye", DVD. MTV Video, 2000. (length 3:13)

This number includes all-out use of most of the conventional elements of concert lighting including moving lights, video, lasers, audience lighting, and pyrotechnics.

No Strings Attached Tour 2000

Lighting Design: Steve Cohen
Lighting Programmer: Joel Young
Lighting Director: Gary Waldie
Supplier: The Obie Co.

Nine Inch Nails, And All That Could Have Been, "Just like You Imagined", DVD. Nothing/Interscope Records, 2002. (length 3:47)

In this number from the 2000 NIN tour color and movement are used to create (along with other design elements) a highly saturated high-contrast punk club-like environment. Although stylistically in contrast to the NSYNC excerpt both shows are equally "designed" and both shows most-likely ran on time-code.

Nine Inch Nails 2000 North American Tour

Lighting Design: Marc Brickman
Programmer: Leroy Benett
Lighting Op: Jason Bullock
Supplier: Morpheus Lights

more info:
(includes tour personnel and equipment list)

Pink Floyd, Pulse, "Learning to Fly", DVD. Sony Music, 2006. (length 5:04)

This excerpt from the Division Bell Concert Tour depicts some of the best example images of the concert including: the massive scale of the design, some excellent laser and moving light programming, and a clean/bold development of images that clearly correspond to the structure of the musical composition.

Pink Floyd
Division Bell
Earl's Court, London, UK
10 - 20 - 1994

Lighting Design: Marc Brickman
Vari*Lite Programmer: Mike "Oz" Owen
Laser Programmer: Allen Domanski
Supplier: Concert Productions, Vari-Lite, The Obie Co.

U2, Vertigo, "Let it Shine". DVD. Interscope Records. 2005.

Another demonstration of LED-based lighting technology--this time in the form of a 3-dimensional array of spherical pixels. The division between scenery, video/projection, and lighting is blurred.

Vertigo Tour
Chicago, IL

Lighting Design: Willie Williams
Scenic Design: Mark Fischer
Lighting Director: Bruce Ramus
Lighting Company: PRG

more info:
(includes tour personnel and equipment list)