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       Art of Rock Concert Lighting

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Bibliography » Automated Lighting Technology

Reading for class on Automated Lighting Technology.

Moody, James. (1998). "Moving Lights." Concert Lighting, Techniques, Art, and Business. Newton, MA, Butterworth-Heinemann: 143-155.

Overview of moving light equipment, history, and applications to concert touring.

Johnson, David. “Growing up in Public, High End’s Rise from Austin Club Supplier to one of the Industry’s Biggest Lighting Manufacturers.” Lighting Dimensions Mar 1996: 32-41.

Corporate profile and history of Austin, Texas-based High End Systems a leading manufacturer of automated lighting equipment for concert touring.

Johnson, David. “From Bullrings to Boardrooms, Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of it’s First Moving Light, Vari-Lite Inc. Looks to the Future” Lighting Dimensions Jan./Feb 1997: 34-41.

Corporate profile and history of Dallas, Texas-based Vari-Lite, Inc. Discusses the history and development of the first Vari-Lite system created for the Genesis Tour in 1980-81.

High End Systems. "Intellabeam 700HX." Product Brochure. Austin: High End Systems. (early 1990s)

Product brochure for the Intellabeam 700HX automated fixture. This highly successful second-generation moving-mirror unit found use in concert touring, club lighting, television, and architectural and theatrical applications and set the stage for future development.

Vari-Lite. Lighting System Brochure. Dallas: Vari-Lite, Inc. 1987.

Product brochure for the second generation original Vari-Lite system (VL-1) system including console, fixtures and data and power distribution. This was a rental-only system and found use in concert, television, and theatrical applications for more than a decade.

Mitchell, Kevin. M. “And Move it Did, Vari-Lite Launched and Industry and Thrives in it Today.” PLSN Sep 2006: 36-37.

A look back at the history of Vari-Lite from a 2006 vantage point. Includes photos of major products introduced over 25 years of automated lighting development.

Automated Lighting Technology (part 2)

The now ten-year-old lightshow demonstration (ALDemo 6.3) was revived for the first time in three years and presented in class. Complete information about the show can be found here.