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  • ..., "Heat Transfer Tools with CD Rom." McGraw-Hill, July 2001. This collection includes nine significant instructional programs, each using a modern, research-based computational algorithm, covering nearly all the major topics in heat transfer. Most of these modules consist of a user-friendly Visual Basic interface, a Fortran DLL and a Windows help file. Six Excel/VBA workbooks covering additional topics are also included in the collection. The printed book contains 100 pages describing the software and its usage; while the CD-Rom includes an additional 60 pages of details of the algorithms and the modeling, thus making the package suitable for use at the graduate as well as the undergraduate level. Seven of the nine modules and all of the spreadsheets have been highly upgraded in preparation for a second edition. In addition ancillary instructional materials are being put on the Web for downloading.



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  • McDaniel, J., Matthews, G., May, J., Thornton, E., Ribando, R. and Goyne, C., "A Brief History of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Virginia," Chap. 21 in Aerospace Education in America during 100 Years of Human Flight, AIAA Press, in press.
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  • ..., "Software for Heat and Mass Transfer, web document, includes a thorough description of all software now included in Heat Transfer Tools, 8/27/98.
  • ..., "MEC 339 Aviation Art Collection," web document, includes a description of each of 24 prints in the collection and a panoramic VRML tour, 1/2/99.
  • ..., "My White House Days - A View from the Bottom," web document containing a complete hyperlinked history of Presidential and VIP flight, 12/23/98.
  • ..., "Big, Old Lycoming Engines," web document, 12/31/98.